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The House of Shock

319 Butterworth Street Jefferson, LA 70121
504-734-SHOCK (7462)

Witness the Rebirth of Horror - The House of Shock 2010. The House of Shock 2010 will be the biggest and best year so far!

The House of Shock is one of the most infamous Haunted Attractions in the world! Located right outside of New Orleans, The House of Shock has enjoyed national and international exposure through such publications as Rolling Stone Magazine, Maxim and Playboy. The House of Shock has graced the covers of many industry magazines and music publications alike and have been featured on VH-1's Rock Show and Fuse-TV's Uranium.

The House of Shock was recently awarded #71 on VH-1's "100 Most Metal Moments"!
One of the many features that sets The House of Shock apart from other attractions in the world is it's multi-media stage show. Performed 2-3 times nightly, this ornately choreographed performance is highlighted with live actors, stunts, music, video, state of the art lighting, pneumatic effects and more pyrotechnics than a full on rock concert! Also, for no additional charge there is a second entertainment stage with live freak shows & local and national bands performing nightly.

All in all The House of Shock is fun for the whole family! Come see why The House of Shock is rated "The Most Intense Haunted Attraction in the World"!

"You haven't lived until we've scared you to death!"

The House of Shock is a haunted house located 5 minutes outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. The House of Shock has become a local legend based on it's intensity, extreme content and the dedication of it's members.

The House of Shock's beginnings were far more humble than the ferocious, unrelenting, in your face 'horror show' that it is today. House of Shock began in a backyard in 1992. It was the sick creation of founding members/owners Phil Anselmo (notorious front-man for the heavy metal band Pantera), Ross Karpelman, and Jay Gracianette.

It all began with a discussion between these three friends about what true horror really is and how Halloween wasn't fun anymore now that they were all grown up. As a result of this discussion The House of Shock was born.

Over the next nine years The House of Shock has evolved into a massive Halloween event drawing horror enthusiasts from all over the world to it's unholy grounds. In our 3rd year two monumental events took place. House of Shock moved out of the backyard and into a large warehouse and we recruited Steven Joseph who turned out to be an invaluable part of our twisted family. Steve is a jack of all trades. Not only is he the head of our security team and chief pyrotechnician but drawing from his expertise as a tour manager for many successful bands, Steve holds the position of The House of Shock business and operations manager.

Every year that we have been in operation House of Shock has grown in size, cast and popularity. This, our 10th season is far more elaborate than anything that could have been imagined in those first few years of House of Shock's existence. We are now located in a 17,000sq ft warehouse which contains our main haunt. A second warehouse on the property is being used to house our brand new Coney Island style dark ride. There is a stage show before entering the actual haunted house complete with pyrotechnics done twice nightly to the delight and horror of the waiting crowds. Once inside you will soon realize that this is no normal run of the mill haunted house. The House of Shock is an assault on all of your senses, playing on every fear imaginable.

We have a second stage with strange and unusual acts from all over the world. Acts like Reverend B. Dangerous (you may have caught his act at past Ozzfests) performs his unique freak-show to the delight and disgust of waiting House of Shock patrons. To pass the time we have carnival style games, a House of Shock merchandise store, food and a full bar to help relax even the most terrified adult thrill seeker! House of Shock stays away from all of the cliché themes usually associated with Halloween. You will not find Frankenstein, or Freddy Kreuger here.

This is not an event for the faint of heart, squeamish or weak of faith. Halloween revelers beware! We know what you fear deep down in your soul and we will prey upon those fears. Prepare yourself for the most intense Halloween experience in the world!

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New Orleans
, rich in it's tradition and history, will provide you with a wealth of entertainment, culture, history, food,and much more. While planning your trip to New Orleans, we hope that you are able to find a few items here at to make your experience pleasurable, as well as economical in New Orleans.

New Orleans….the mere mention of the name conjures up pictures of floats, maskers, beads, doubloons and the pure joy of Mardi Gras. From the family atmosphere of St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues, to the party feel of the downtown and French Quarter areas, there is a place to parade watch for everyone of every age and size. The celebration that is Mardi Gras is deeply rooted in the French tradition of New Orleans. Begun as a "New World" carryover from the pre-Lenten Parisian Mardi Gras, the New Orleans festivities evolved from private balls to foot parades to float parades (started in the mid 1800s) to the extravaganzas of today. The organizations that provide the Mardi Gras parades and balls are called "krewes". All do so at their own expense, thus providing what has many times been called the "Greatest Free Show on Earth". The Mardi Gras celebration begins on January 6 (Feast of the Epiphany also known as Kings Day) and continues through Mardi Gras Day (the day before Ash Wednesday). The traditional "king cake" is associated with and eaten during the entire Mardi Gras season. Also during this time, most carnival krewes have their balls or supper dances. Formal parades in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes begin about two weeks before Mardi Gras Day. The festivities reach a crescendo on the weekend before Mardi Gras Day and that level continues through Fat Tuesday. Houses, lampposts, people, and even horses are dressed in the colors ofMardi Gras-purple, green and gold. New Orleans for a brief time each year is transformed into a place where the everyday world is cast aside. Beads, doubloons, cups, and numerous other krewe throws are tossed to thousands of happy parade goers shouting,
"Throw me something, mister. "
Laissez les bon temps rouler.

The Jazz & Heritage Festival has been a growing event each year. Setting record crowds the past few years. This two weekend festival has drawn the likes of many top entertainers, such as Paul Simon,Santana, B.B. King, and many more. This event always seems to out do itself every year. The festival always falls on the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May. It may be springtime, but do not count on all to comfortable temperatures. While average highs are only in the lower 80's, the combination between the large crowds and the lack of shade make for a surprisingly hot time. Another great thing about this festival is it gives you an opportuinity to sample just about every local cuisine you can think of. (Tip: Get your Crawfish Bread & Crawfish Monica early in the day. You don't want to waste time standing in line for these great items, when you could be out dancing to great artist). Remember to bring comfortable clothes and shoes and sunscreen and hat to enjoy the festival to its fullest.
Happy Jazz Fest!!!!

Nope, and I don't care.
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Just six blocks from the French Quarter, a 15 minute stroll to the non-stop energy of Bourbon Street. Fine restaurants, famous jazz clubs and sidewalk cafes are literally a short walk from our front door. Royal Street Courtyard, where you're at home